Lawrence Welker III

 composes incredible forms ranging from fine jewelry, to architectural and interior design elements rendered in the highest quality precious materials. Each piece is a sculptural description of the flow of energy fusing environment and the people in it with the dimensions of space and time.

A graduate of the School of Art-Carnegie Mellon University; in 1985 he co-founded Laran Bronze; a foundry that has developed into one of the world’s leading full service sculpture studios. Owning his own foundry allows him to be part of the entire process of his creations.

Lawrence Welker IV

 is a graduate of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. He was raised in a family business that serviced artisans from diverse schools of trade and culture. This immersion nourished him to the level of master craftsman of metal at an exceptionally young age.

Like his father; he creates the highest quality architectural and aesthetic sculpture, and jewelry. The subject of his art is the embodiment of organic forms evolved through human interpretation and technology.